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Best places to go on a date with a Escor

Best places to go on a date with a VIP escort

So you’re ready for a date with your beautiful Manhattan escort but are unsure of where to go! New York has so much to offer, restaurants, clubs, and bars have reopened, and Broadway is waiting to welcome you. New York is the place to experience it all, and there is no better way than doing it with a gorgeous woman by your side, one who knows the city, loves the city, and loves showing it off.

Here are our top ideas for a date in New York
A Broadway Show
It’s always exciting and glamorous to go to the theatre in New York. You can choose one of the musicals that have been on for ages, and VIP escorts New York can see the same show over and over with great delight, or you can choose a more intimate play. It’s always a good idea to book tickets in advance. A night at the theatre is creative and inspiring and romantic, exactly how your date will be too!
If you haven’t bought tickets in advance or are unsure how to do this, we will help you or guide you in the process.

The Metropolitan Museum
We’ve all seen the wonderful movies where a man and a woman slowly walk around The Met, admiring the incredible art. Our New York escorts love a bit of culture, and a few hours at a museum is a beautiful way to spend time with a woman and get to know her. There are a number of museums in New York, and you can take your pick. Or, ask the woman which she would enjoy. Girls like being given options and making choices. New York museums all have cafes and restaurants, and some have rooftop bars. Make a day of it and look out for the current exhibits.

Strip clubs
Do you know that women love strip clubs as much as men? We know that a Manhattan escort does. Strip clubs are exciting, they offer adult entertainment, it’s easy to let go of inhibitions and have fun. New York strip clubs are upper class, or our escorts know which are the good strip clubs to go to. Ask your date to dress up and have a sophisticated night of adult fun. There are always amazing shows that are daring and exhilarating. Be daring in New York! It’s a daring kind of city.

Fine Dining
A good way to get to know your date, and experience a wonderful evening in New York, is you and one of our New York escorts over an intimate and delicious dinner. New York has fantastic restaurants, and we have loads of ideas for you. Try the famous Italian Cipriani Restaurant downtown, or Restaurant Daniel, offering Michelin starred dining. Book a table, or let us do it, and sit across a table with low lighting and a sophisticated atmosphere, with a beautiful woman looking into your eyes! And of course, the service, food, and company will be outstanding.

Cocktail Bars
There is nothing more glamorous and ‘New York’ than a sophisticated cocktail bar, and we know all the good, inviting atmospheric ones. Our stunning VIP escorts New York really enjoy New York’s elegant bars, and so will you. You are for the evening would love to meet you at a bar, sip a cocktail and get to know you just a little bit better. Choose a seat at the bar, always quite urbane, or take a quiet table for two. This is a fab idea and can be your whole date, or a pre-cursor to dinner or the theatre.

Cigar Bars
Cigar bars are pretty upmarket in New York. Cigar bars are elegant, sophisticated, and like your date, a little mysterious. If you haven’t been to a Cigar bar before, you are in for an upmarket experience. Get dressed up, pick up your beautiful Manhattan escort, or meet her there, and enjoy a drink, a Manhattan view, a cigar, and good conversation. We recommend Club Macanudo, but as always, we will be more than happy to make reservations or suggestions for you.
New York with an escort is fun. It’s exciting. It’s fabulous. It’s the best way to see the city. Enjoy!

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