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Ten things to chat to your date escort a

Ten things to chat to your date/escort about

You’re going on a date with one of our beautiful NY escorts, and you are a bit worried that you won’t know what to say, how to act, or what to do. You don’t need to worry. The escorts who work with us are all confident young women who will help the conversation flow and who will put you at ease quickly.

But if you are really worried, here a few ideas, things for you to talk about, on your first date
Talk about fashion!
When you meet your escort, you are going to be stunned at how gorgeous she is. Ask her about her dress, where she got it, and if she loves clothing. You can launch into an immediate discussion about fashion with our escorts NYC. All the girls love the high style, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, simple jeans, and white shirts. Ask them about clothing and favorite designers. You can smile, sit back and listen!

Move on to food and wine
Food is always easy. If you are dining out, you will have chosen a special restaurant. You can tell a lot about a woman by the food she orders. Is she eating with gusto? Applaud her appetite. Is she vegetarian? This is always an interesting conversation. Talk to her about wine, do a few wine tastings, and maybe, discover a new wine together. Food and wine are easy conversations to have, and you’ll be surprised at how your date can lead the conversation.

New York New York
As a VIP escort in Manhattan, our girls love New York. You might be resident in New York, or you might be a visitor. Talk about the city, how beautiful it is, the changes it has gone through, the theatre, restaurants, and museums. Ask her about her favorite parts of New York and what she loves doing in the city on weekends. You might find you have common interests. You might find yourself on a carriage ride through Central Park!

What about travel
Travel is always an easy conversation. Where does your escort come from, and where does she want to go? NY escorts are generally pretty well traveled and can talk to you about Paris, Milan, or Rome. You might be well-traveled and have stories to regale about private jets, beautiful islands. You might decide to travel together. The world is your oyster. Talk about it!

Ask about her dreams
A simple question on a date is always “What are your dreams?” You might want to preface the conversation by telling your date that your dream has always been to have a beautiful night out with a beautiful woman, exploring new and amazing things, which is exactly what you are doing right now! Ask her about her dreams, her wants, her needs. Our escorts NYC are smart and great at conversation. They will amuse you with their lovely answers!

It’s okay to be quiet sometimes
Remember, you do not have to fill every gap with conversation. It is okay to just sit and soak in the atmosphere of your environment. Sip your drinks, breathe it in, smile at each other, and just sit quietly until the conversation starts flowing again!

This is a subject always best left behind unless you think you are on the same page. If something is going on in New York, elections or protests, of course, you should mention it. But if you have a difference in opinion, go back to talking about travel, flowers, cities, hobbies, or anything else. Saying that your VIP escort will be smart. She knows when to engage in a conversation, keep quiet, and change the subject. If you see her again, you might want to chat about all things controversial, but for now, shhh!

Ask what makes them laugh?
Hopefully, you have already had a few good laughs together by now, but if not, ask her what makes her laugh. Ask your date what she enjoys. Tell her what you enjoy. Maybe you can find something that you do together that makes you both laugh. Remember, you can start your date in a restaurant but end it in a hotel lobby. Or you can start with a walk in the park and end off with a drink. There are no rules, as long as you are having fun.
Remember, your date is always going to respect your privacy and will not pry about anything. You can talk about yourself if you are comfortable and if you want to. But our escorts will make you laugh, give you great conversation and leave you feeling at ease, quickly and comfortably, and you are unlikely to be looking for any kind of conversation! Have a good time!

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