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What does the perfume your VIP escort is

What does the perfume your VIP escort is wearing tell you?

There are several striking things about New York escorts, or at least, about the VIP escorts you meet. They are all beautiful. They all dress superbly. They have gorgeous hair, and they wear make-up that always looks good. They have great, toned bodies, and they’re proud of their bodies. They are always well turned out. This is something when you meet NYC VIP escorts that you will pick up on; they always smell sexy and fragrant.
What scent do escorts wear?
In the same way, all women are different, so are the scents that they choose to wear. Some women love a floral scent, others prefer something sophisticated, while others choose a sexy and youthful scent. The scent a woman wears often says something about her. It can be playful, joyful, fun, unique, creative, sensual, and sexy. It can also be sophisticated. Her scent will always be there, perhaps not too obvious, not too strong, but soft and in the air. They are telling you a story, giving you a hint!
Perfume is part of the package
New York escorts take good care of themselves. They work out, and they keep their bodies, some tall, some short, some petite, some curvy, as beautiful as they can. They look after their hair and their nails, always looking presentable, elegant, and of course, sexy. They dress well. Some escorts spend a large part of their earnings on clothes. Their shoes are immaculate, beautiful sexy heels. And they always wear lovely perfume.  You might want to spoil your escort and buy her a gift. Try and get a hint of the perfume she likes and indulge her with something similar. She’ll be more than delighted.
When we say ‘part of the package,’ we mean that escorts look after themselves as a whole. Body, nails, hair, scent, clothing, shoes! They always look good, and they always leave a rather delicious fragrance in the air. Or on your jacket! Our NYC VIP escorts look good for themselves, but they want to look good and smell sexy for you!
Don’t be alone in New York
If you are in New York, on holiday or business, for a weekend or midweek, as a once-off or on a regular basis, our NY elite escorts would be delighted to spend time with you. They’ll show you the city, introduce you to the beautiful places, take you to fabulous restaurants and nightclubs, or spend quiet time with you in a hotel lounge or at a rooftop bar.  Whatever you choose to do, our VIP escorts will always look good, make you feel good, and ensure that you have a good time.
And if you can smell something in the air, well, it’s either something floral, something youthful, something joyful, something strong or something sophisticated that’s in the air. It’s the scent of a woman, a beautiful woman. You’d be crazy not to breathe it in.

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